Has a strict traditional view on homosexuality

Gay couples sometimes choose surrogacy so that one of the men will have a biological connection with the child. Lloyd, A. Spranzi, M. Bobrow, M. The results are comparable to those obtained with children raised in different-sex parent families Nadaud, Guérin, Paris, La Découverte.

Сайт has a strict traditional view on homosexuality какая фраза

This wish to have children concerns the persons who did not undergo surgery of the genital organs, which in France, is a legal obligation in order to obtain a change of civil status. Powel and al. Notwithstanding it, we should not refrain from calling the attention to the ocurrence at a syncretic house led by a priestess of an exaggerated number of cases 5 out of 10 of subjects with twisted sex identification.

The article ends with a presentation of the papers comprising this volume.

Has a strict traditional view on homosexuality
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