Experience of lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans staff and students in higher education is an Equality

And evidence exists that overall, campus climate has improved over the last 15 years. Institutions can provide direct outreach to students who self-identify as LGBTQ and can use this information to understand the progress of these students through the institution. Include sexual orientation and gender identity in institutional policy, whether or not federal or state law mandates against discrimination.

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  • Your students, colleagues, and larger community are fortunate to have you as an ally.
  • Lambda Legal provides a set of best practices for supporting transgender students, and the Consortium of Higher Education LGBT Resource Professionals offers recommendations for supporting trans and queer students of color. Thank you for this excellent article.
  • Design and fund co-curricular campus programming, such as new student orientation , diversity education and ongoing student activities to support LGBTQ students and educate others on campus about LGBTQ inclusion.
  • Moreover, the majority of LGBT staff and officers are open about their sexual orientation.
  • In the last decade, LGBTQ people in the United States—particularly in K and higher education—have gained increasing visibility and some civil rights, including open service in the U.
  • Yet students still face harassment, discrimination and other obstacles to full inclusion. Based on a survey of staff and students in England, Wales and Northern Ireland, this report provides an authoritative evidence base of the actual — rather than perceived — experiences of lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans LGBT staff and students in higher education.
  • It is the few and far between holdovers of an old era that create the occassional problems and present the main but meager issue. Reports of harassment and discrimination , especially for transgender students, remain a problem at a time when student learning and persistence are central issues for higher education leaders.
  • Graduate students, faculty and staff can be assigned responsibility for LGBTQ programs, services and student organization advising. Thank you!
  • Equality Challenge Unit.
  • Establish a campus-wide steering committee or commission to oversee LGBTQ issues across student and employee policies. Such curriculum has been available in the humanities and social sciences for several years, but even an introductory statistics course could incorporate LGBTQ material.
  • Thank you!

The Forum brings together partner organisations to co-ordinate work that advances sexual orientation and gender identity equality in post-school education. Cindi Love Thank you for this excellent and timely publication. Everything is OK, still we have to remain vigilant; it is the few, minor exceptions that confirm the rule.

Experience of lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans staff and students in higher education is an Equality
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