Dog protects wife from husband

dog protects wife from husband

If i go out, they pounce on me when i return, if my fiance goes out and returns they dont even notice he's been gone.. If it's not a big deal, then I would laugh it off. When I come into the house he doesn't react, but when she comes in he jumps up and runs to the door with his tail wagging.

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  • Sam will allow her to love on him and play with him.
  • Peterson says:
  • This type of jealousy is damaging to the bonds between both people and dogs.
  • Sometimes it's not certain people, but more what certain people do.
  • Give her a few minutes to calm down and then take her to another area of the yard or inside and work on some basic training or reinforcement if she has been trained. Geez people.

She is given the same amount of attention as the other dog but she still shows signs of jealously. So much so, that they nap from each afternoon all in their own. I would suggest trying to work on establishing a daily routine that you could stick with that would include keeping things the same when one travels or has company.

Dog protects wife from husband
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